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Featuring the Steiner EVI



Links Page

Our new website featuring songs that aid Scripture memorization and personal worship: http://www.maximummusic.us/music-Word/index.html

The access point for all of our current websites is maximummusic: http://www.maximummusic.us/

Our blog featuring articles and comments on music, singing, and worship: http://musreader.wordpress.com/

Doug’s Video interest - music is great, but we can also explore the visual side: Click here to read about it.

Patchman Music  http://www.patchmanmusic.com/index.html for all things pertaining to wind controllers

Nyle Steiner Homepage at Patchman Music http://www.patchmanmusic.com/NyleSteinerHomepage.html Learn the story

of the man who invented the EVI and the EWI.

windmusician.com  http://www.windmusician.com Rolando Gingras’ website,

a great EVI player

Bernie Kennerson’s web page - Bernie is a committed EWI player: http://www.berniekenerson.com/

AABACA at MusicBarn.com  http://www.aabaca.com  resellers of music technology, a great resource for music educators

Amazing video of Michael Brecker playing EWI in 2006: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOEF7f2HGoE

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